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We are glad that you chose our modules. Each module is covered by a 3-month free warranty support. On HelpDesk you will get help related to the operation of PrestaShow modules and order programming work in your store.

  • If you have questions or a problem with the use, use the Knowledge Base or create a new ticket.
  • If your access to HelpDesk has expired, extend it with a support package.

Use resources of our team

Having access to PrestaShow HelpDesk Support, you can order any programming, analytical and optimization work in your store.

Why support access is paid?

We want to be able to maintain the expert-level quality expected by you. Post-warranty access to support is paid and possible to obtain at any time. Thanks to the fee, we keep the salaries of programmers ready to work in your store - professionally and quickly.

Knowledge base (FAQ)

The knowledge base is free and open. Please read Frequently Asked Questions before asking a question. There you will find most asked questions about our modules usage and solutions to problems related to PrestaShop. If you do not find anserws in you language use Google Website Translate or give us a sign - we will fill in lacks in translations.

Response time

We respond to 80% of tickets in 72 hours on working days. You will receive an email notification of each answer. Don't reply to this email. Log-in to HelpDesk to post your answer.

Create ticket if you want to...

  • Ask questions about module operation (check FAQ first)
  • Report errors in installation and operation
  • Order a new functionality
  • Order individual modules adaptation to your store
  • Order any programming and optimization work for your store and server
After creating the ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. Don't reply to emails - they are sent by the bot. Always submit all comments after login to HelpDesk.
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