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Consent Mode Google - GCM

Consent Mode v2 (Consent Mode 2.0) allows you to communicate your consent choices to Google and, consequently, ensures that your tags (DataLayer) work according to the level of consent given.

If a user accepts cookies in your store, the module that handles cookies in your store should send information to Google about accepted / blocked consents related to Google services and thus meet the provisions of GCMv2.
Without GCMv2, Google will not be able to collect or model data about your customers.
GCMv2 will go into effect on March 6, 2024. You should prepare your store by then so that you can continue to track activity and conversions on Google services.

Important! Make sure that the consent/cookies management module is in a higher position with the hook displayHeader than the PShowConversion module.

GCMv2 in the Google Integrator module

The PShowConversion module takes care of sending events and conversions to Google's GA4, GTM and Ads services and uses cookies for this purpose.

The module does not ask the customer's permission to track and use cookies, because for this purpose PrestaShop stores use modules that integrate more services/goals related to cookies in one pop-up "POPUP", inform about the cookies used and allow the user to decide whether he/she agrees to the use of cookies for tracking his/her activity, analytics, profiling, etc.

As of version 2.7.0, the ability to set default consents was introduced in the module. Some modules were not able to execute before sending the first events and Google could report warnings. Therefore, the module can set default consents, which should then be updated by the consent management platform or a module in your store.

Good cookie handling modules should detect any cookies generated by the store and the modules installed in the store, and allow store customers to accept or reject cookies.
Along with accepting or not accepting cookies, the cookie module should send the appropriate information to GCMv2.

What kind of cookies does the PShowConversion module generate?

In a separate FAQ post, we list the cookies created by the PShowConversion module. A good cookie module should be able to detect and block them - depending on the consents given by the user:

How to implement GCMv2 in your cookie module?

The new version of GCMv2 allows you to perform the deployment in two ways - in the Basic model (Basic) and Advanced model (Advanced).

We recommend implementing the advanced consent mode, because even if the customer does not give consent, you will still be able to collect data about them, but to a limited extent.

How to verify Consent Mode implementation?

Check out this post:

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