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Errors related to license

After installing or updating a module, you may sometimes encounter this message:
The encoded file /var/www/.... requires a license file.
The license file /var/www/.../.license.txt is not valid for this server. in Unknown on line 0

These messages can appear in two cases:
1. the license file .license.txt is missing from the root directory of the module.
2. the license is not for the domain you are trying to run it on.

Sometimes you just need to update all our modules in your store.

You can use one module license (one purchase) at most on one Prestashop installation. The module with the purchased multistore add-on and the pshowdomaincontrol module can run on different domains, but it is always the same Prestashop installation. For development purposes, the license will work on subdomains of our choice - assigning the module to the domain, the module will also work on,,, among others....

What can you do to make the message disappear?

1. determine which module is affected - in the body of the messages you will find the name of the module, e.g. ".../modules/pshowdomaincontrol/..." means that the problem is with the "pshowdomaincontrol" module.

2) Check if the license file ".license.txt" is in the root directory of the module.

3. if you do not have a purchased multistore add-on for the module and the problem is not related to the pshowdomaincontrol module, go to step 5.

4. log in to your Prestashow account and open the window of the domain to which you assigned the license after purchase. See if the problem domain is added as a secondary domain. If it is not there, add the domain and update the module in your store.

5 Open the license file ".license.txt" and look for the line starting with "Server restriction: " - this is the list of domains for which the license is intended. If a particular domain is not on the list, the module will not work on it. Buy a license for a particular domain.

6. if nothing mentioned above helped, contact us through the helpdesk.

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