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Error "module expired"

We regularly implement changes in our modules to improve stability and security. If you haven't updated your PrestaShow modules for a long time, there is a good chance that one of the components used by our modules (IonCube) may expire, and your store may suddenly get an error like "Error: module expired" and the module will stop working.

Using old software versions makes your store prone to errors. This goes for all the components the store uses: modules, PHP, MySQL and the PrestaShop engine itself.

Our modules are built from two key components:

  1. Module skeleton- responsible for licensing, stability, compatibility and security of the module.
  2. The logic part of the module - responsible for the functions of the module and the functioning of the module.
We always provide skeleton updates for our modules for free, no matter what version of the module you have access to.

Even if you do not have access to the latest version of the module, downloading a "fresh" module package from your PrestaShow account or performing a 1-click update on the module will make the module update its skeleton to the latest available version.

How to find out if the problem applies to your store?

Make sure your store's PrestaShow module directories include a .license.txt file, such as /modules/pshowblog/.license.txt:

  • If you found this file, open it and check the date next to "Expires:"
    • If the year is 2024 or lower - you downloaded the module during our migration to the new licensing system - updating the module is necessary - failure to update may cause errors in the operation of the module and/or the store.
    • If the year is, for example, 2030 or higher - everything is fine, you are using the new licensing system.
  • The absence of this file means that the module must be updated - failure to update may result in errors in the operation of the module and/or the store.

How to update PrestaShow module?

Instructions about updating the module you will find here:

If you have questions or concerns about module updates, our support team on HelpDesk is ready to assist you.

What if I don't want to update the module?

If you have the aforementioned .license.txt license file, just download a fresh package with the module from your account and replace the license file in your store. However, we do not recommend this solution, it is better to update the module.

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