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Updating modules

We regularly implement changes in the modules to improve stability and security. Using old versions of the software makes the store prone to errors. This applies to all components the store uses: modules, PHP, MySQL and the PrestaShop engine itself.

Our modules are built from two key components:
1. The skeleton of the module - responsible for the licensing and security of the module.
2. The logical part of the module - responsible for the functions of the module and the functioning of the module.

We always provide updates to the skeleton of our modules for free, no matter what version of the module you have access to. Even if you do not have access to the latest version of the module, downloading a "fresh" module package from your PrestaShow account or performing a 1-click update on the module will make the module update its skeleton to the latest available version.

Access to update the logical part of the module, which contains, among other things, new features of the module, is paid. You can update the module to the latest version while you have active support and update access on your domain. When your access expires - you can extend it at any time here.

How to update the module?

Remember! Before any update, we recommend that you back up your files and database.

The easiest way to update is to use the 1-click module update in your store (in the module configuration).

However, it sometimes happens that due to non-standard configuration or server limitations, an error (e.g. 503) occurs when trying to update 1-click. In this case, you should:
1. download the package with the module from your account on
2. log into the administration panel of your Prestashop store
3. go to the "Modules" tab and upload the downloaded package via the "Upload Module" option - exactly the same as if you were installing a new module.

If the above methods fail, all that's left is to swap the module files on the server via FTP or SSH.

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