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How to use tags and show Instagram feed anywhere in PrestaShop?

You can place the Instagrama feed in any of the places of the template using {tags}. You can create any {tags} you want and freely personalize it in module and them paste it in the template any number of times.

The construction of the tag provides for full personalization. The tag is built in a simple way. Tag store variables that you should personalize. The order of variables in the tag does not matter:

{hook h='PShowInstagram' mod='pshowinstagram' force_show=true id_hook_insta=1}

Variables that you can insert into the tag:

force_show = this variable is required and must always be true
id_hook_insta = id number of the hook added in the tab from the module


{Tag} you could copy and paste:
  • anywhere in your theme in .tpl files
  • in CMS page content
  • in products descriptions
  • in our SEO Blog (PShowBlog) module content

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