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How to use tags and show Instagram feed anywhere in PrestaShop?

You can place your Instagram feed anywhere in the template using {Smart-tags}.

You can create as many Smart-tags as you want in the module and configure each of them differently. Each created tag has its own ID. By copying the tag below, complete its ID according to the tags created in the module.

Smart-Tag is built in a simple way - it stores the ID of the feed created in the module:

{hook h='PShowInstagram' mod='pshowinstagram' force_show=true id_hook_insta=1}

Variables that are in the Smart-Tag:

  • force_show = this variable is required and must always be true (1).
  • id_hook_insta = the ID number of the feed you created in the module.


You can paste {Smart-Tag}:
  • Anywhere in any template .tpl file
  • In the content of CMS pages
  • In product descriptions
  • In blog entries using PShowBlog module.

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