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Disable products not available in the importing/updating products feed

The Importer module can add, update, enable and disable products.
The Importer does not have the option to remove products from the store.

To exclude products that are no longer in the file, go to the file configuration:

In the basic configuration of the file, the "Disable products not existing in the file" function should be enabled:



If your store has products from other imports or added manually, they also may be disabled!

To avoid such a situation, you need to associate the imported products with the file from which you are importing / updating products. To do this, use the File Identifier function:

When you associate a product with a file and set in the configuration of this file to disable products in the store that are no longer in the file, you can be sure that the importer will only disable products that come from this file and will not disable products from other imports and products added manually.

For more information on the file ID, see this post:

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