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How to configure the file to update so that duplicate products are not created?

Go to the basic configuration of the file:

In the "What the file contains" section, select the option
  • "Product data".
  • "Update only the data that exists in the store".

File ID
  • Optionally you could link file with products using file ID.
  • Linking is useful, for example, when you import the same product from several suppliers.
  • File and product linking is done during the first import or in the "PShowImporter" tab in the product edit in Back Office.
  • When updating data, use the file ID, if there are products in your store assigned to this ID. Otherwise, no data in the store will be updated
  • Linking a file to a product is useful when you integrate a store with multiple feeds. With linking, one integration will not disable products added by another integration, when you use the option "disable products not available in the file".

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