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Get to know the License and Subscription system

Table of contents:
  1. What has changed?
  2. New panel for accessing purchased PrestaShow products
  3. Licenses and subscriptions
  4. 1 license / subscription = 1 domain
  5. Multistore
  6. HelpDesk support and module updates
  7. Change of domain

What has changed?

In 2022/10 we introduced a new licensing and management system for PrestaShow modules and digital products. A powerful system and APIs written in Python and React technologies are the icing on the cake that will guarantee the highest quality of delivered updates and support.

Key changes:
  • New licensing methods: License (perpetual) and Subscription (temporary).
  • Each license and each subscription must be assigned to the domain in which it will be used.
  • Access to support and updates is a subscription
  • When creating a HelpDesk request, indicate the domain with valid support.
No change:
  • For each license, you receive a guarantee in the form of a 3-month subscription to access HelpDesk Support and Module Updates.
  • You can purchase access to HelpDesk Support and Module Updates at any time
  • Use of HelpDesk, installation of modules and use of updates remain unchanged.

New panel to access purchased PrestaShow products

PrestaShow Control Panel can be found in My Account. The panel introduces a convenient method of accessing digital PrestaShow products and supports classic licenses and new subscription products that will soon appear in our store.

Manage your domains and assign purchased licenses and subscriptions to them:

Licenses and subscriptions

Each product in the PrestaShow store has a license or subscription, which stores information with a unique product key, domains in which the product can run and the expiration date.

  • License is perpetual and can only run on 1 domain at a time, e.g. you can use any module from PrestaShow on 1 domain without time limitation
  • Subscription is temporary and begins to expire when the subscription is assigned to the domain (not at the time of purchase), e.g. you can purchase access to HelpDesk support and module updates for a period of 12 months and cover any domain and products assigned to it.
The license/subscription information can be found in the header of each file included in the module:

1 License / Subscription = 1 domain.

Each License and Subscription purchased must be assigned to the domain where it will be used. You can assign one purchase to only one domain. Licenses and subscriptions will also work in subdomains:

You could set "?" as any digit.


Licenses and subscriptions can work on all domains included in PrestaShop Multistore. You will be able to specify additional Multistore domains after you buy Multistore support for the module.

HelpDesk support and modules updates

When you buy a module with a perpetual license, you get 3 months access to technical support and module updates. Support will be automatically assigned to the domain you assign the module to. When the free support expires, you can still use your perpetual license. You can purchase access to support and updates at any time.

When you buy Support, you get access to the HelpDesk help panel and updates for all modules on the designated domain. Once you purchase a support subscription, you need to assign it to the domain for which you want to use support and update modules on it.

Each domain may have a different support expiration date.


Domain change

Changing the domain for subscriptions and licenses is possible. To do this, open a ticket on HelpDesk or contact us by email and provide the old and new domain. After confirming the domain change, you can download the new module through My Account or you can perform an update of the installed module once your store is under the new domain.

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