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PrestaShow System requirements (PHP, ionCube)

On 30 June 2020, the minimum system requirements for all modules available in the shop will change. Read the post below to prepare your shop and server for the better.

New PrestaShow modules requirements:

  • PHP version 7.1 or higher
  • Installed and active ionCube extension

Why are we increasing the requirements?

From observing our customers' shops, it appears that several percent of PrestaShop shops are still using PHP version 5.6 or even lower. Using such old PHP versions is dangerous. At the same time, owners are missing out on a huge amount of opportunities related to the availability and promotion of a shop running on old PHP versions. These losses directly result from performance, security and compatibility gaps.

At PrestaShow, we move with the times. We strive to take advantage of the benefits of the latest technologies, so our modules are compatible to work with PHP 7.1 to 8.

You can read more about PHP version security on the official website

To increase security, we also decided to implement ionCube. This PHP extension, among other things, protects the files of our modules from malicious code that can be added by viruses, for example. In certain situations, ionCube speeds up data processing operations so that our modules run faster. IonCube is available on most hosts, its installation is simple and does not interfere with any elements of the shop.

IonCube protects only the PHP files of our modules. All other elements of the module related to personalisation and appearance remain unchanged available to users and shop administrators. You will still be able to modify the appearance of the content, tpl files and hooks displayed by the modules.

Does my shop meet the requirements?

Checking whether your shop meets the new system requirements is simple and will take a few minutes. Here's what you need to do:

  1. connect to the server on which your shop is running via FTP. You can use, for example, the free program WinSCP for this (we recommend this program because you can encrypt the passwords stored in it).
  2. go to the main PrestaShop directory - where the controllers, classes, override directories, among others, are located.
  3. create a new file called prestashow-test.php with the contents:

echo ((version_compare(phpversion(), '7.1.0', '>=')) 
  ? 'Very well, you have the required PHP version. " : 'Unfortunately, the PHP version is old. ') 
. ((function_exists('ioncube_file_is_encoded')) ? 'Very well, you have ionCube installed. " : 'Unfortunately, no ionCube. ');
4. Open the PHP file through your web browser by going to (replace the domain with yours):
5. Delete the file prestashow-test.php

How do you prepare your server?

PHP: Don't be afraid to upgrade your PHP version. This procedure may seem complicated, but once implemented it will entail many benefits. The PHP version can most often be changed from the hosting panel. If your hosting does not offer this possibility, it should be done manually. We will not provide instructions here for installing a higher PHP version on the server, as this operation depends on many factors and is best delegated to a programmer or server administrator. Remember to test your shop after upgrading the PHP version.

IonCube: Installing ionCube is even simpler and you can do it completely on your own. Many servers allow you to enable ionCube in your hosting settings. If you have a server that you manage yourself - here is how to install and activate the ionCube extension:

If you have questions regarding PHP update and ionCube installation, please use the HelpDesk. We will help you :-)

Best regards,
PrestaShow Team

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