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Changing the domain for the modules

If you change the domain of your store, the modules on the new domain will not work properly. Changing the domain for used modules is only possible upon individual request.

To make the modules work on the new domain, open a ticket on HelpDesk with information about which domain you want to change to the new one. When you receive information from us that the domain has been changed, do one of the following options:

1. Download the modules from your PrestaShow account and reinstall them in the store
2. Download the module from my PrestaShow account. In the package with the module, find the license.txt file - copy this file to the folder with the module on your FTP server, overwriting the old license file. Perform this operation for each PrestaShow module.

Attention! The module folder contains license.php and license.txt files. Make sure you replace the license.txt file!


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