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Export conditions - function overview

Export conditions are the 4th step of the XML feed configuration. By creating a condition, you can specify and narrow down the data that will be exported to the XML feed.

Export conditions consist of:
  • Condition groups, in which there can be any number of conditions.
  • Conditions that must be assigned to a group of conditions.
Between conditions in the same group there is an AND, that is, products that meet all conditions within 1 group will be exported.

A condition consists of:
  • Source (source data), for which we want to create a condition
  • The condition, i.e. the logical value to be satisfied - supports logical quantifiers and regular expressions (Regex)
  • Value (any value)
Source > Condition > Value, e.g.:
Product name > Contains > "TV" - products that contain the word "TV" in the product name will be exported to the XML feed.


Example 1:
How to export only products with the given name?

The condition can be a regular expression (regex) - for this purpose, select the condition "meets the expression", value:: /^(?!\*$).+/ - checks that the value is not empty.

Example 2:
How to write in 1 condition to make Product Category ID from 30 to 40 and from 70 to 80?

Create 2 groups of conditions and in each create 2 conditions:
1 group:
  • category id > 30
  • category id < 40
2 group:
  • category id > 70

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