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How to change the appearance of the list of hook entries?

Create a custom template file

In the module it is possible to add custom entry layouts for use in hookups. To do so, you need to:
  1. Create a file in the blog template you are currently using called "layout-[layout name].tpl", example path to the layout:
    pshowblog/views/themes_17/[layout name]/list/layout-[layout name].tpl
  2. Copy the code from the default list layout from the post-list.tpl file in the template you are using into the layout file you created, below is a sample path leading to the file post-list.tpl:
    pshowblog/views/themes_17/[layout name]/list/post-list.tpl
  3. Freely redesign the appearance of the list in our newly created template file

Setting up a custom layout in the hook

To use a custom layout in a hookup, go to "Custom positions" in the module menu:


add a new hook:


or edit an existing one:


in the "Entry layout" option, select the file we created:


and save the changes:


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